All Star Code

Our Mission
All Star Code creates economic opportunity by developing a new generation of boys and young men of color with an entrepreneurial mindset who have the tools they need to succeed in a technological world.

Our Vision
All Star Code envisions a country where all young men of color have the access to the tools of success, where the ability to thrive is available to all who are willing to dare greatly.

Our Pillars
Dare Greatly, Celebrate Failure, and Tell Your Story, are used in our programs to give young men the skills, networks, and mindsets they need to succeed through technology.

Choose Your Path: 3-Week Sprint

3-Week Tech Sprint: Fast-Track Your Coding Skills

CYCLE ONE: July 8, 2024 - July 26, 2024
CYCLE TWO: July 29, 2024 - August 16, 2024

Target Audience: High-school age young men of color seeking a quick, immersive dive into tech.

Key Features: Intense coding instruction in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Workshops on problem-solving and critical thinking and tailored engagements with tech professionals and guest speakers.

Outcome: Develop a solid foundation in coding and gain insights into the tech industry.

Choose Your Path: 6-Week Marathon

6-Week Tech Marathon: Your Exclusive Gateway to Tech

July 8, 2024 - August 16, 2024
*Limited to 50 Students - Exclusive Opportunity*

Target Audience: This program is tailored for a select group of highly motivated students who demonstrate a deep commitment to mastering the complexities of computer science and technology.

Exclusive Advantages (Beyond the 3-Week Sprint): Advanced Curriculum Delve into sophisticated web development and software engineering topics, designed for those aspiring to excel in tech.

Demo Day: A chance to showcase exceptional coding talent through a capstone project for partners, mentors and donors.

Privileged Access to Industry Leaders: Partake in exclusive site visits to leading tech companies, gaining invaluable exposure and insights into the professional tech world. Leadership and Mentorship Opportunities: Engage in unique roles within tech communities, enhancing your leadership skills and forming mentor-mentee relationships with industry experts.

Outcome: Acquire comprehensive coding skills, complete a significant project, and gain deeper industry insights.

Must be able to attend all program sessions
No coding experience necessary to apply
Identify as Male
High School-age Students
Young Men of Color


Cole Mattox


The ASC experience is unparalleled --- Our instructors were great teachers, I made friends in my cohort for life meeting students who have a special drive to succeed --- and I drew my inspiration from the African American executives who took me under their wing with pride. They gave me strength. They inspired me to want to learn more and do more. They have changed my life.

Kwaku Boafoh Agyeman


We are very proud of the work you are doing with and for our kids. As a young man, Kojo (ASC 5) acknowledges how much  he has grown up as a person in the last few weeks spending time with you! I've garnered that info from him and from his conversations with his friends. The kid appears to be on a different level! This summer has been awesome.

Celeste Bell

Executive Vice President, Head of Human Resources at Deutsch NY

VP of Talent Acquisition, at Publicis Media

There's so many wonderful things I can say about the program because I'm able to see it myself. A lot of times, when you give to an organization you don't get to actually see the benefits. But when you get to see it yourself, it just makes a difference. It makes you think 'We have to continue. I want to see this grow. I want to see it in every state in the country. Every city should have a program like this, because it's so important.

Six Week Overview
  • Week 1
  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4
  • Week 5
  • Week 6


Applications are open from January 15th, 2024 to April 19th, 2024
Deadline extended to May 10th!

  What is the daily schedule of the Summer Intensive?     
The Summer Intensive (SI) runs Monday-Friday. SI students are placed in either an AM or PM cohort. The AM cohort takes place Monday-Friday from 9am-1pm EST. The PM Cohort takes place Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm EST. Office hours are offered Monday-Friday from 4-5pm EST and are strongly encouraged, though optional.
  Where does the Summer Intensive take place?     
The Summer Intensive is a fully live-remote program. Instruction takes place in our virtual classroom via Zoom and is highly engaging and interactive.
  Why should I apply to the Summer Intensive?     
The Summer Intensive is a once in a lifetime experience. We offer a FREE technical education in building practical web applications, career skill education in topics like networking and resume building, hotspots, and opportunities to network with tech professionals on a weekly basis. In an effort to close the digital divide, All Star Code is extending technology access to qualifying students. Laptops and wifi hotspots are offered on an as needed basis.
  What is the application process?     
The application window will open on January 15th and will close on April 19th. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance decision by April 26th. The application helps us get to know you, allows you to tell some of your story & flex your problem solving and perseverance skills. If you encounter difficulties during any part of your application process, please contact us. We are here to help!
  Is there a GPA requirement?     
No! Our All Stars shine in all sorts of ways, and grades are just one way to shine. GPA is NOT used in our admissions process.

We do collect GPA data for our statistics, though!
  Where do students end up after the Summer Intensive?     
After completing the Summer Intensive, many students continue building their programming skills through freelance work, college internships, or working as a seasonal instructor here at All Star Code, among many other opportunities. Additionally, all Scholars (program alumni) receive invitations to join our Scholar Portal for exclusive internships, jobs, and workshops.

Note for Scholars: If you have already attended our Summer Intensive program, please do not reapply. Students are only allowed one Summer Intensive experience. Scholars (program alumni), please check out our Scholar Portal for exclusive opportunities!
  When will I know if I was accepted into the program?     
Applicants can expect a notification of acceptance between 3-6 weeks after applying through our admissions portal. We try our best to process applications quickly.

Seats are limited! The sooner you apply the better chances you have of being selected!
  What programming languages are taught?     
All Star Code is primarily based around web development, using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  I already know how to code. Am I eligible?     
Definitely! You will probably love the Summer Intensive even more if you have this kind of head start. Please send inquiries to, if you have questions about specific skills.
  Can I join the Summer Intensive if I'm not in high school yet?     
Our program is specifically designed for students in high school. If you're not yet eligible, or aren't sure about applying just yet, please check out our virtual coding challenge, Crack the Code!
  Do I have to be a US citizen to apply?     
We welcome all students to apply regardless of their residency status. Whether you are a US citizen, on a visa/green card, or undocumented, you will be welcomed at All Star Code.

However! Students must be located in the United States for the program's duration, and a US mailing address and phone number are required.
   I don't go to a traditional school (home schooled, not attending, etc.), am I still eligible?      
Yes! Applicants who are not currently attending high school will still be considered if they are 15, 16 or 17 years old. When filling out the form, please indicate your situation under the question "What is the name of your current high school?"

Please send inquiries to, if you have questions about your application.
  Will there be a waiting list?     
Absolutely! Given the limited number of seats available, many applicants will qualify for the program but will not be selected in the first round. Applicants on the waiting list will be invited to join as spots become available.
  How can I improve my chances? What does it take to be an All Star?     
All Stars:
  • Respect others
  • Demonstrate logical thinking
  • Demonstrate growth mindset
  • Look up terms they're not familiar with (like "Growth mindset" )
  • Embrace "Celebrate Failure" = are hungry to learn by stepping out of their comfort zone
  • Embrace "Dare Greatly" = are ready to take risks
  • Embrace "Tell Your Story" = can convey ideas clearly and see value in doing so
  • Uplift others around them

In addition to this, we encourage you to participate in our virtual coding challenge, Crack the Code! It serves as a great introduction to some of our Summer Intensive topics.
  What is your attendance policy?     
Given the intensive nature of the program, students must not miss any day during the first week of the program. The first week is a zero-tolerance week. Here's everything you need to know about attendance:

- Day 1: If a student is absent on the first day of the program, their seat is forfeit.
- A student is considered absent if they login to their virtual classroom 30 minutes past the scheduled start time.
- Students with 3 absences will be dismissed from the program. For each absence, the student's Parent/Guardian is informed and the student must attend Office Hours until they are caught up with the missed material.
- Three latenesses = 1 Absence
- A student is considered late if they are not present by the scheduled start time
  What is your expulsion policy?     
All Star Code reserves the right to expel students for any of the following reasons:

- Missing any day in the first week without clearance from ASC team in advance
- Having 3 absences without advanced notice or communication
- Missing weekly project submissions and being unresponsive via phone and email
- Using abusive language
- Showing disrespect towards instructors, peers or program guests
- Harrassing, intimidating, or discriminating against anyone

All Star Code is committed to maintaining a workplace that is free of harassment. We will not tolerate anyone (including students) intimidating, humiliating or sabotaging others in our workplace. We also prohibit wilful discrimination based on age, sexual orientation or gender identity, ethnicity, race, religion or disability.